Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Upgrades

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Upgrades?

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As government regulation dictates more stringent effluent parameters for our wastewater treatment systems, and as corrosion and obsolescence demand the constant attention of plant operators, plant upgrades continue to be a focus of Blue Heron Construction.

Services Include:

  • Waste Water Purification Plant Construction
  • Facility Construction
  • Filtration system construction
  • Membrane/steel digester cover installation
  • Wetland/biofilter construction
  • Centrifuge/belt filter press installation
  • Sludge drying bed construction
  • Conveyance systems installation
  • Thickener infrastructure installation
  • Clarifier construction
  • Pump installation
  • Pump station construction
  • By-passing capabilities
  • Power/control panel installation
  • Gas handling (thermal drying) system installation
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