Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Upgrades
City of Oswego
$8.4 Million
  • Upgrading primary and secondary clarifiers
  • Complete construction of two new secondary clarifiers
  • Demolition of select existing facilities
  • Installation of new centrifuge and conveyor system
  • Installation of various pumping systems including WAS/RAS pumps, chemical pumps replacement, main lift pump replacement, grit pumps replacement, rotary lobe pump installation, and polymer feed pump replacement
  • Installation of new Fiberglass reinforced building with associated appurtenances
  • Installation of new FRP chemical storage tanks and associated conveyance systems
  • Demolition/Disassemble of existing plant incinerator
  • Head-works alterations including installation of new mechanical bar screen and related appurtenances Roof replacement
  • Site work including new sewer piping, water main, fencing, paving, concrete sidewalk, concrete curbing, and restoration